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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Swedish Body Massage Update!

Hello everyone! It's another gorgeous day outside! We know you are all well! If not, get in touch and we will make you feel better!
Vincenzo has now gained his diploma in Swedish Body Massage. We hope to be able to offer this in the near future. An hour's session will be £25.
Watch this space!

Swedish Body Massage involves the manipulation of the body using various fixed, moving, structured and unstructured tecniques. We already perform massage on ourselves when we overstretch a muscle or feel stiff and then rub the affected area to make it feel better.

A massage therapist targets and massages the skin, muscles, joints and ligaments. By doing this, the aim is to improve function by allowing soft tissue to move freely. In chronic cases of injury, disease or tension, painful adhesions build up in the muscle tissue preventing movement. This leads to a lack of function creating a block in circulation and causing inflammation from toxins.
Massage breaks down any adhesions in the tissue, restores movement and once tension is released, improves circulation aiding pain relief and increasing function to the affected area. Massage is also effective in reducing stress by releasing tension in the body and therefore has beneficial effects on psychological problems too.

We know you will enjoy this therapy!

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